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Heat of Passion Crimes

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Heat of passion is a defense used in criminal cases involving uncontrollable rage or emotional disturbance. Most commonly used in murder or attempted murder cases, the defense argues that the defendant’s actions were provoked by a specific circumstance or event, eliminating premeditation and reducing the possibility of being fully mentally capable of knowing the outcome.

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What Happens in the Heat of Passion?

When “heat of passion” is cited in a homicide or attempted homicide case, the defendant admits to committing the crime but argues that they had no control over their own emotions at the time the crime was committed. This defense brings self-control to the forefront of investigation. If a situation occurs that is completely outside the normal scope of a person’s daily life – for example, something horrible or tragic – it may cause the person to become out-of-control emotionally and mentally, thus resulting in abnormal, even violent, behavior.

Take, for example, a husband who comes home to find his wife, who he loves dearly, in bed with another man. He was not expecting to come home to this, and in a fit of rage (i.e. heat of passion) he kills the man. The heat of passion defense would apply in this case because the husband could not control his reaction to a traumatic situation.

Using a Heat of Passion Defense for Your Case

If you or someone you know has been accused of a crime that was committed in the heat of passion, Second Chances Law Group is here to help. It is our goal to investigate every aspect of your case to determine if your charges can be reduced using a heat of passion defense. Our dedicated staff of law clerks, researchers, and investigators is committed to nurturing the client-attorney relationship, listening to your needs and implementing a tried-and-true strategy as we pursue the best possible outcome.

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