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Public Intoxication Attorneys

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Have you recently been arrested for public drunkenness? Although this may not seem like a serious charge, in the eyes of the law any offense involving alcohol is taken quite seriously. Our firm is familiar with both state and federal laws and we can represent misdemeanor offenses like this with ease. We have an award-winning trial lawyers on our team who is dedicated to providing aggressive and stellar representation to avoid a conviction for your criminal charges

Fighting Public Drunkenness Charges

Public intoxication charges can be extremely embarrassing and bring forth some serious consequences if you are convicted. Our firm has successfully helped clients like yourself stay out of jail and avoid a conviction, by either getting charges dropped, dismissed, or lowered.

You could be facing a variety of consequences, such as:

  • Jail time
  • Fines
  • A criminal record

What Are the Requirements for an Arrest?

Not just anyone can be arrested for public intoxication, as certain factors need to both attract law enforcement officials and be sufficient evidence for an arrest. If a person is visibly intoxicated in a public place, it could lead to an arrest and charge of this misdemeanor crime. For example, outside a bar, public streets, a hotel, restaurant, or on public property.

A person could be arrested for public intoxication when:

  • They appeared to be intoxicated in any public place
  • They are intoxicated within the property around a private residence that they were not invited to or is not their own
  • They are behaving in a loud, vulgar, or boisterous manner

Contact a Criminal Defense Lawyers

A misdemeanor offense is something which should be taken seriously and you should retain the services of a public intoxication attorney right away. When you are facing these types of consequences, you should not hesitate to reach out for a free consultation from our firm.

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