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Plea Bargains & Lesser DUI Offenses

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The most regularly reduced drunk driving charges are what are known as "wet reckless” (sometimes erroneously referred to as “wet and reckless”) and "dry reckless." Other charges to which a DUI are sometimes reduced include "exhibition of speed," "drunk in public," and a variety of California traffic infractions.

The more effective your DUI defense lawyer is at finding and formulating effective DUI defenses to your drunk driving case, the more “bargaining chips” we will have to effectuate a plea bargain for reduced charges as well as sentencing that is diminished or curtailed in its severity. At Second Chances Law Group, we are highly knowledgeable and skilled at coming up with effective defenses and plea bargains for cases like yours.

Any success in a criminal case requires a swift, effective approach from your defense counsel. Call our firm to learn what we can start doing for your case today.

Skilled DUI Defense Lawyers

We are knowledgeable about evaluating virtually any drunk driving case. A component of that analysis entails giving you advice on whether you should go to trial or whether you ought to settle with the prosecution by way of a plea bargain. Only a firm with vast DUI defense experience can make an accurate appraisal of whether you have a good chance of getting acquitted at trial or whether it is best to conclude the case with a pretrial settlement.

If you take your case to trial and you are acquitted, the case will get dismissed. However, if you lose, the judge has wide latitude over what sentence to impose on you (and jail time is in the pannier of possibilities). The judge’s sentence is predicated on the charge of which you were convicted. You may fare worse or better than would have had you accepted the plea bargain but this hinges on what evidence was adduced at trial.

What Is a Plea Bargain?

A plea bargain is a pretrial settlement of your case negotiated between your California DUI defense lawyer and the prosecutor. The benefit of a plea bargain is that you are informed of what your sentence will be prior to entering a plea of “guilty” (whereas you would be at the mercy of the court if you plead “not guilty” and are subsequently found “guilty” at trial).

Depending on the facts particular to your California DUI case, your DUI criminal defense attorney's goal might be to negotiate:

  • A reduction of your sentence
  • A reduction of your charge
  • Both types of reduction

If you or your friend, family member, or other loved one is in need of help with plea bargains and you are seeking to hire a DUI defense lawyer for representation, please reach out to us today.

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