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Attorney Joe Coimbra has over twenty years of legal industry experience and has come to devote his practice almost entirely to representing California Registered Sex Offenders and persons facing Sex Crimes charges of various kinds. He was inspired by the events of the infamous McMartin preschool trial of the 1980s (and other historical “witch hunts”—including perhaps initially well-intentioned awareness campaigns like the #MeToo movement that later degenerated, at least in part, into baseless accusations against innocent people) to represent persons who were falsely accused of sex crimes or whose supposed misdeeds were exaggerated or confabulated by persons or parties motivated by ill-will or personal animosity.

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Attorney Joe Coimbra has said: “As a society, we cannot claim to live in a representative democracy if just about anybody can be targeted by an allegation of sexual impropriety and then be convicted on little more than a weak foundation of a verbal denunciation lacking corroborating physical, forensic or other objectively-verifiable evidence. This is especially problematic given how high the stakes are: persons convicted of sex crimes are effectively relegated to the status of a moral and social leper as well as lifelong criminal outcast years if not decades after they’ve repaid their debt to society.

I’ve devoted my professional life to preventing such horrific repercussions for accused persons or reverse course for persons who were previously-convicted of a sex crime, either due to past inadequate counsel by their former lawyer or for any reason.” While other firms might claim to represent people ensnared in a sex crime accusations or people dealing with the after-effects of a sex crimes conviction, few if any are little more than general practitioners, even in their own field to the degree they only practice criminal law. While Attorney Joe has indeed gotten a wide variety of criminal cases thrown in addition to sex crime cases, he is particularly and especially proud of all his cases involving removing his Registrant clients from the sex offender registry all throughout California and the total dismissals of sex crimes charges, which cases have come to predominate his practice.

He has earned certification in the ongoing legal education subject matters:

  • Scientific Evidence
  • Ballistics and Firearms
  • Forensic Toxicology
  • Latent Fingerprints
  • DUI and Drug Toxicology
  • Defending Sex Crimes
  • Substance Abuse
  • Jury Selection
  • Criminal Restitution
  • Hearsay Evidence
  • Direct and Cross Examination
  • Realignment and Sentencing Structure
  • Performance Skills for Trial Attorneys
  • Leveraging Technology to Win in Court
  • Administrative Hearings Under the California Administrative Procedures Act

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