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How We Fight Petty Theft Charges

We’ve had a lot of success fighting theft allegations for our clients. Here is what we usually do.

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We often deal with clients who have been arrested or cited for shoplifting. This is one of the crimes we have had enormous success with fighting through a variety of legal remedies.

The reason we put so much focus and attention into this charge and making sure it goes away is that it can be so destructive to your life in the long term. It might not carry any jail time, but it’s the one crime that stands out on a future job application or background check.

The types of defenses we’ve used for this crime include a variety of things. One is that you lacked the specific intent to steal something. Maybe you absent-mindedly forgot to pay for something in your cart or you accidentally walked out wearing a hat you didn’t pay for. Whatever the case may be, we can help establish your intent of not stealing through a variety of ways.

If you or anyone you know has been accused of or is being suspected of shoplifting, petty theft, or grand theft, you need to call us. We can help you out.

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