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How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Help Protect You From the Dangers of Prison?

The rate of sexual assault in California prisons is sky-high. Here’s how to ensure you aren’t another victim.

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Today’s topic is a sensitive one, but it’s one that needs to be discussed if you are dealing with criminal charges.

One of the reasons it’s so important to hire an experienced, knowledgeable criminal defense attorney in this type of situation is because of the high probability that you will experience rape or sexual assault if you are incarcerated in one of California’s many correctional facilities.

The odds of you experiencing sexual assault, rape, or other traumatic events within a California prison are high. The rate of sexual assault in prison is very high in California, and it’s even higher in juvenile custody. There is a high transmission rate of HIV, Hepatitis C, and other STDs.

If you care about your bodily, physical, and mental integrity, you need to look at your criminal defense attorney as your own bodily protection against these horrors. This isn’t the stuff of movies. Prison rape and sexual assault are part of daily life in jail and should be on the top of your mind when considering a criminal defense attorney to higher.

You need someone who is skilled enough to ensure you are not convicted or someone who can severely mitigate the consequences so you don’t have to subject yourself to physical and emotional harm.

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