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You Have Two Options After a Shoplifting Arrest

Bill and Jane were both charged with shoplifting. Only one of them made the right decision about their case.

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Today, I’d like to tell you a story about two different people who made the mistake of shoplifting and were caught. Jane and Bill were both caught trying to take a five-finger discount, and now they both have court cases.

Jane doesn’t want to go to jail or have a criminal conviction, so she hired an experienced criminal defense attorney to make it all go away. She didn’t have to go to court; her lawyer did. Her lawyer also made sure no bail was imposed and aggressively advocated on her behalf. A few court hearings later, Jane’s case was dismissed and she went back to her normal life.

Meanwhile, Bill thought he could handle things on his own and represented himself at his first hearing. The court then imposed bail and he ended up going into jail. Bill also decided that instead of hiring an experienced attorney, he would just take his chances with a public defender. Well, the defender told him to take a plea bargain. He spent some more time in jail and eventually left with a criminal conviction.

Now Bill can’t get a job because of his conviction and he doesn’t have any money. Meanwhile, Jane was able to pursue her career because she had no criminal record.

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