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Why Is Being on Probation More Dangerous Than You Think?

Being on probation can be a scary prospect, and there are many ways it can make your life difficult.

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Being on probation is much more dangerous than you might think.

When you get put on probation instead of getting a jail or prison sentence, you might have skated away from getting locked up, but you’re skating on very thin ice. Any number of things could cause cracks to appear, and you could find yourself in some troubled waters. Most probation violations require mandatory minimum jail or prison time.

There are a few ways you may end up being found in violation of your probation:

- Accidentally miss a progress report court date.

- Neglect to pay your fines and fees on time.

- Can’t find the time to get all your community labor hours finished.

If you’re on felony probation, you probably have 24/7 search and seizure conditions where police can enter your property at any time. God forbid they find contraband of any kind, or you’ll be well on your way to the clinker. Even if you fill all your court-ordered obligations, you might get a really difficult probation officer bent on making your life miserable. A vindictive probation officer will find some way to make you slip.

This doesn’t even take into account how difficult it can be to keep or get a new job or promotion while being on probation. Considering how dangerous and burdensome being on probation is, why take these unnecessary risks? Our award-winning post-conviction defense law firm has successfully terminated probation early for many of our clients. Why not do the same for you?

Our attorneys can also motion the court to reduce your felony to a misdemeanor and expunge your case at the same time. Mistakes happen—jail doesn’t have to.

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