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Crowdfunding Embezzlement

These days, start-up entrepreneurs have a wonderful tool at their disposal to raise capital: crowdfunding. A variety of websites act as an intermediary between people seeking to raise capital and people willing to make the investment either out of altruistic or business reasons.

However, due to a rising level of fraud in this area, law enforcement agencies are keeping a close watch on crowdfunding. Victims of alleged fraud can file police reports and accuse the crowd-funder of misappropriating or misusing the funds.

Once the police turn over their investigation to a prosecutor, the district attorney office can file criminal charges under grand theft or petty theft under California Penal Code sections 487 and 488. How severely you are punished if you are convicted of this crime depends on the amount of money you are accused of having stolen.

Our crowdfunding embezzlement or theft defense attorneys can provide effective legal defense so that you are not convicted and sent off to jail or prison. Call our Arcadia criminal defense lawyer today if you believe you are being investigated for this crime.